Cello Stool & Stand
$180.00 each

The Basic Gig Bag For Cello Stand/Stool

(Basic Gig Bag shown holding a Cello Stand)

Basic Gig Bag for Bass Stand/Stool: $40

Cello & Bass Stand/Stool Assembly:

The Fully Assembled Stand/Stool

Steps 1 & 2  

Start by laying the two side pieces on the ground with the cross-piece between them. Assemble each side piece by rotating it up into the cross piece notch.

1) The photo at far left shows the cross piece with one side lying down and ready to be rotated up.

2) The photo at immediate left shows the side piece after it has been rotated up and into position.

NOTE: The first few times you assemble and disassemble the stand it will be somewhat tight. We build these stands with exacting tolerances, which is why the stands are so solid and can support so much weight. Over time the assembly and disassembly process will become easier, while the fully-assembled stand will retain its rigidity.

Step 3

Align the cross brace/seat assembly with the four slots in the rear part of the frame.  It is very important that all four slots align properly. The four slots and their corresponding notches are circled in the photo at left.

Again, the first few assemblies will be somewhat stiff.

Once everything is aligned, push down firmly to fully seat the brace/seat assembly. The stand/stool will become rock solid.

Disassembly Instructions:  
Notice in the photo in Step 3 how the seat is hinged up in the front? This is very important for disassembly! To disassemble the stand/stool: grasp the front and back edges of the seat and pull up on the front edge while pressing down on the rear. The lever action will allow the cross brace to be extracted from the slots.