Upgrading Your Instrument

picture of a student violin and a professional violin next to each other on a table
Bottom left: KRUTZ Series 750 Violin / Top right: KRUTZ Series 100 Violin

String instruments come in all different qualities and different qualities are more appropriate at different levels of playing. Typically, as a students advances, that student will need an instrument that also advances. As you can imagine, a professional violinist with the Kansas City Symphony would not buy a student violin off the internet to perform at Helzberg Hall on. Why? In short, the quality of instrument would not match their playing level and they would be limited in their quality of sound! You can also say the same thing in reverse, does a young beginner student need the type of instrument that a professional musician plays? No, that beginner musician would not understand all the differences of that instrument nor be able to play it to its full potential.

How do I know it's time to upgrade my instrument? The first indication will likely come from your private teacher or your orchestra teacher. It may be when the student is ready for a full size instrument or when you notice an increased level of practice as you or your student becomes more excited about playing.

What are the benefits of upgrading my instrument? It helps achieve a more professional sound, makes playability easier and enhances the musical experience. Some use advancing on to another instrument as a reward for progress made, inspiring you or your student to become an even better player!

What should I look for in a "step up" (upgraded) instrument? The best way to choose an instrument is to play it! No two string instruments play alike, so it's important to play a variety of instruments to find the one that first your playing style. Instruments are also like people, every instrument has its own personality. Our goal is to connect you or your student to the ideal instrument that will bring the most musical enjoyment! K.C. Strings is one of the largest string shops in the Midwest and has a wide variety of levels of instruments for students through professionals to explore.

If I am a K.C. Strings rental client, what will it cost? It will depend on the instrument and bow that is chosen. There is a wide range of prices for upgrades. The important thing is to find the instrument that is best suited to you or your student's potential. Rent-to-own and building rental credit is still available when choosing to upgrade (please reach out to our staff for more details).

If I am not a K.C. Strings rental client, what will it cost? Again, it will depend on what instrument and bow is chosen. However, we have payment plans available and welcome trade-ins. If the instrument is going to be paid in full, we also offer special discounts.

What determines the cost of an instrument? Cost is determined by the quality of the workmanship and the sound of the instrument. As you move into higher quality instruments, you will notice richer tone quality and easier playability.

If you have any other additional questions or are ready to try out some instruments, feel free to contact us or come on in!