How To Choose Rosin Series - Part 3 - Other Considerations


If you missed Part 1 or 2 in this series see How To Choose Rosin Series - Part 1 - How Rosin Works and How To Choose Rosin Series - Part 2 - Color.

Another consideration when choosing rosin is the climate you live in. This can affect the way the rosin works on your bow. In more humid climates, rosin will get stickier. In order to accommodate, you may want to think about buying a lighter rosin. Drier climates warrant a possible darker rosin choice.

If you are buying rosin for a young child, you may want to keep an eye out for rosins that are in a rectangular block with wooden sides, because those ones will be easier for your child to hold, which is important, because one drop on the floor and the whole cake of rosin will likely crack and be destroyed, leaving you with no other choice than to buy another cake of rosin. There are also hypoallergenic rosins available for people who are bothered by the dust.

Beyond these general factors to consider, there are many different types, grades, and brands of rosin, and there are no rules for choosing which one is the best. The information you have read in this post will hopefully get you closer to discovering the kind of rosin you want.  However, at the end of the day, you won’t truly know which rosin you’ll like best until you try them. So experiment! Buy a couple of them. OR purchase them one at a time and compare the tones until you get the sound that is the most true to yourself, because that is what being a musician is truly about: Being yourself! So have fun with all the different types of rosins out there!