All About The Bridge - Workshop Repairs


The bridge on a string instrument is the intricate piece of wood that holds the strings up. Two important things to know about the bridge is: 1) it is not glued down but holds its position from the pressure of the strings, and 2) every bridge is hand carved by a professional to fit the specific instrument that it is installed onto.

Those two things should help clarify a couple things for you. If your bridge "fell" off your instrument, then it's usually quite easy to be positioned back upright (please do not glue it down). If your bridge has warped or broke, then you will need help from a professional. If it is warped, it's possible that it can be steamed for a temporary fix. If it is broken, you will need a new bridge.

Most people think, you can buy a new bridge and just put it right on. But as we explained, it takes lots of careful work and time. Want to watch a bridge repair? Check out the video below!

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