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Sobol Bow Introduction

Lev Sobol has won many international competitions and awards for his bows. He lives in Moscow and is one of the best bow makers in Europe. K.C. Strings is the flagship dealer for his bows in America.

We have a wide selection of bows in all sizes and price ranges. Please inquire if you have something in mind.

Now violinists can come to one violin shop to get the bow they need. K.C. Strings offers the finest violin bows to meet the most demanding requirements of professional vioinists and advanced or intermediate students. Our bow selection is comprised of the finest quality and craftsmanship available. By matching the player with the right bow, we will enable you to produce the optimal sounds on your instrument.

Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your search for a new violin bow. K.C. Strings is ready to serve you for all of your musical needs.
  • K.C. Strings is the exclusive dealer of Lev Sobol bows in America.
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