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Letting the Strings Sing! Kansas Magazine Spring 2019

A Merriam violin maker creates instruments for professional and beginner musicians. Kansas Magazine Spring 2019. Click for the article in Kansas Magazine Spring 2019 issue!  

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Caring for Your Instrument in Winter

Caring for your instrument in winter. Winter is coming and it is time to take those necessary seasonal precautions for your instrument. Never heard of this before today? It comes down to low humidity, temperature, and rapid changes in environment between buildings, air conditioned vehicles, and the outdoors. The violins expand and contract in response to the [...]

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Common ways to address upper back pain before buying a new shoulder rest and chin rest:

Ensuring no back pain. One of the most common areas of discomfort in violists is the upper back. While this can be caused for a variety of reasons, a fair percentage of players (especially those with very large violas) will compensate for the size of the instrument by bringing their shoulders forward in [...]

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Purchasing a New Case?

Purchasing a new case. One of the most important things you can do for your instrument is to store it in a protective, durable case. When transporting your instrument to and fro - whether it is by carrying it, driving, or even by plane - your case is ultimately what you rely on [...]

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An Interview with Anton Krutz, Master Luthier - in Bass World, Magazine for the International Society of Bassists

Anton in the shop. From the Interview: At the end of our correspondence I asked Anton Krutz if he had any philosophical thoughts he would like to express. His response was, "Long ago in Europe, there were fundamental changes to long-established ecosystems that coalesced to result in the dark ages. When the first bowed [...]

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