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K.C. Strings November Community Newsletter: Drunken Fiddles! Local Concerts, Win $50.00 Gift Certificate & More!

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Types of Bow Hair

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What to do if your instrument gets damaged.

I Just Had an Accident! Help!   If you just had an accident with your instrument it can be scary and you might not know what to do next. Here are a few steps to help you when something goes wrong and you need to bring your instrument in for repair. Being [...]

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How to Go About Purchasing a Bow

Purchasing a Bow.. Purchasing a new instrument can be a daunting task. There are seemingly endless possibilities of woods, varnishes, luthiers, etc. to choose from. And, since most of your options can be a little pricey, so your decisions carry a lot of weight. Most people don't know exactly what is best for [...]

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The Benefits of Learning Violin as an Adult.

Learning the violin as an adult! Knowing how to play a musical instrument is an exciting prospect for most people, and many people dream of being musically inclined. However, many people also believe that learning an instrument is too hard for an adult, for numerous reasons. They may say that they don't have [...]

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