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May K.C. Strings Community Newsletter: Its Springing Around The Shop! New shop stories, camp announcements, local concerts and more.

Posted by Anton Krutz on


Viola (vēˈōlə)

Violas! Why are there so many jokes about the viola? Those who are in the strings community and, to some degree, those in the world of instrumental music at large, are well aware of the proverbial “viola joke”. While all musicians with a sense of humor have their self-deprecating jokes about their [...]

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Letting the Strings Sing! Kansas Magazine Spring 2019

A Merriam violin maker creates instruments for professional and beginner musicians. Kansas Magazine Spring 2019. Click for the article in Kansas Magazine Spring 2019 issue!  

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Caring for Your Instrument in Winter

Caring for your instrument in winter. Winter is coming and it is time to take those necessary seasonal precautions for your instrument. Never heard of this before today? It comes down to low humidity, temperature, and rapid changes in environment between buildings, air conditioned vehicles, and the outdoors. The violins expand and contract in [...]

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