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The Bass Viol as it was called in ancient times, has been modernized and now variously called string bass - double bass - contrabass - standup bass - bull bass - bull fiddle - bass fiddle - orchestral bass - concert bass - acoustic bass. As well, it is now used in classical music, jazz, bluegrass, rock & roll, rockabilly. There is no substitute for the real thing!

One of our owners, Misha Krutz, is a professional bass player, trained at the Leningrad Conservatory, and played with the Kirov Ballet before emigrating to America. He has played with the Kansas City Symphony. We also have other professional bass players on staff, and this gives us a unique insight into the needs and desires of bass players at all levels. Our understanding of the tribulations endured by bass players helps us greatly in addressing their concerns.


The tuning machines, extensions, bass buggies, stands, and other accessories have been designed in concert with active bass players so these products are uniquely adapted to meet the needs of bass players everywhere.

(Bass Extension notes drawing - above.)