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May 2017   
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K.C. Strings Celebrating 25 Years!
     "It’s history of the people. That’s the most interesting thing of the company. It’s not the sales going up and down, it’s the history of the people." -Misha Krutz
From The Past To Today - Part 3

The Journey To America
      As you have learned in the previous newsletters, the Krutz family is originally from Russia. By now you are probably wondering when and how did they end up in America? Time for a little history lesson!...

     During the Nixon presidency, 1969-1974, Russia was in need of food and arranged an immigration agreement with America in order to help with their country's need. Russia, a communist country, made strict requirement of who could qualify and apply in order to receive the opportunity to leave Russia and immigrate to the United States of America.

     One of the requirements was that the applicants had to be Jewish or German. Misha Krutz also explains,
"I was one of the people that was allowed to go because musicians were not as important as engineers, let's say. I left Russia at the age of 29 and arrived in New York in 1976!" Anton, Misha's son, was seven years old at the time. When Misha arrived in New York, he auditioned for the New York City Opera and got the job.  A couple years later, Misha did a few auditions around the country and received a contract with the Kansas City Philharmonic in 1978.
Misha Krutz (on right) with Lamar Hunt and Mrs. Brandwein playing a concert in the White Recital Hall at UMKC, 1985.
     It wasn't as easy as it sounds for Misha to establish himself in Kansas City. During his fifth year in the Kansas City Philharmonic, the orchestra collapsed. However, Misha stayed positive. "No orchestra, no work. It’s not the worst thing in life, something else will come along, and a couple months later that’s exactly what happened!" After that summer, the Kansas City Symphony was established. He worked there exactly 30 years while establishing K.C. Strings, retired and then went to China the next day!
-Find out how Anton, Misha's son, gets involved in luthier work in our next newsletter!
Announcing The K.C. Bass Workshop!
If you are a bassist and have never been to the K.C. Bass Workshop, don't miss your opportunity this year!

Join renowned bass players and instructors from around the world! For more information or to register, visit: www.kcbassworkshop.com
Check Out Our Summer Music Camp!

We are excited to release details on our 11th Annual K.C. Strings Summer Music Camp, directed by  Bob H. Hagenbuch, Jr.

This year we will be featuring
"MUSIC of the '80s"---
Mozart, Tchaikovsky and movie music from the '80s!

When:  July 10 - 14, 2017
Where:  K.C. Strings, Merriam, KS
Who:  violin, viola, cello, and bass students with 4 to 7+ years of experience.
What:  String Technique, Sectionals, String Orchestra Rehearsal, and Music History & Theory. 

For more information or to register, please visit: www.kcstrings.com/music-camp

The Beautiful Sound Of An Anton Krutz!

Video Above (click to watch):
Joseph Toma playing an Israeli Concertino on an Anton Krutz violin.

Thank YOU for being a part of our community!

Anton Krutz  
Master Luthier, K.C. Strings  
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