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Late March 2015 Newsletter -- Discounts, News, Cool Videos, and more!

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Introducing ICEstruments - 

Frozen String instruments

Have you ever attended a concert inside an igloo, or heard a violin carved out of ice? Tim Linhart, an artist and musician originally from New Mexico, is the founder of Ice Music - an organization in Sweden which produces concerts in which musicians perform on string instruments fashioned from ice. This month, Ice Music has brought together musicians from Sweden, Denmark, and (surprisingly enough) the Lone Star State of Texas for a series of frozen jam sessions. The concerts take place inside a giant igloo at below-zero temperatures, with audience members sitting far enough away as to not melt the instruments with their body heat! Linhart has built a wide array icestruments, as he calls them: bowed strings, guitars, and even percussion.

To read more about Ice Music and the challenges of performing with frozen instruments, click here.

Evolution of the Modern Sound-hole  


In case you were wondering, the sound-holes of bowed string instruments haven't always been f-shaped. Medieval ancestors of the modern violin had circular openings, which eventually evolved into half-moon shapes. Over the course of several centuries, builders of string instruments modified the shape through trial and error, eventually gravitating toward the iconic f-shape. But why the gradual change? A paper recently published by MIT scientists concludes that, while builders certainly found the curved shape more visually appealing, the true reason behind the design is all in the acoustics: the f-shape better facilitates the projection of air out the body of the instrument, resulting in twice the volume of a circular sound-hole!


To read more, visit this link.

Check out these cool performances!

The Wires - Alternative String Duo

The Wires - Alternative String Duo

Andrew Bird - Natural Disasters

Andrew Bird - Natural Disasters

Tracy Silverman Covers Stevie Wonder

Tracy Silverman Covers Stevie Wonder


Anton Krutz

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