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K.C. Strings March 2015 Newsletter.

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K.C. Strings Community Newsletter

March 2015

K.C. Strings empowers string players and together we create community.

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K.C. Strings at Folk Alliance International

The Folk Alliance International Conference returned to Kansas City this February, attracting thousands of musicians, industry professionals, and music enthusiasts. K.C. Strings, a proud partner and sponsor of Folk Alliance International, participated in its newly-launched Public Exhibition Hall: a showcase for a variety of Kansas City-area music vendors and organizations. Owner and master luthier Anton Krutz was on hand to introduce visitors to KRUTZ instruments, including a few five-string varieties that are perennial favorites of folk music practitioners!


Folk Alliance International is an annual conference that, since its founding in 1989, has become the largest gathering in the world for the folk music community, encompassing genres as diverse as bluegrass, Celtic, and singer-songwriter, among others. FAI's stated mission goal is "To nurture, engage, and empower the international folk music community - traditional and contemporary, amateur and professional - through education, advocacy and performance."

Check out the video below, shot at the KC Strings booth during this year's conference!

Folk Alliance 2015 -- jamming at the KC Strings booth!
Folk Alliance 2015 -- jamming at the KC Strings booth!

Meet the Ro-Bow, a Robotic Violinist  


Retired biomedical engineer Seth Goldstein has invented a robotic machine capable of playing the violin. Constructed from an intricate assemblage of moving parts, the "Ro-Bow" is fed MIDI data from a computer which guides its movements, a sliding arm controlling the bow and retractable levers stopping the strings. But not to fear, orchestral musicians - while the machine is undeniably fascinating to watch, the sound it produces is not particularly musical!

To read more and see the Ro-Bow in action, visit this link
Check out these cool performances!

Adam Ben Ezra bass solo -

Adam Ben Ezra bass solo - "Can't Stop Running"

Improvisation by Aleksey Igudesman

Improvisation by Aleksey Igudesman

Ashanti Floyd,

Ashanti Floyd, "The Mad Violinist"


Anton Krutz

K.C. Strings